Ethics Grievance Process

Pursuant to STS Bylaws, a member is obligated to “conduct his or her relationships with patients, fellow physicians, and the public at-large in a manner consistent with his or her legal obligations and the Bylaws and policies of the Society.”

The Ethics Grievance Process was developed by the Society as the means by which a complaint can be lodged against an STS member who may have violated one or more of the Society’s policies. Past allegations of unethical conduct considered by the Standards and Ethics Committee have involved alleged violations of the Advertising and Publicity Policy, the Guidelines for Ethical Relations with Communications Media, the Guidelines on Use of STS National Database and Database-Derived Information, the Policy Statement on Public Dissemination of Quality Ratings, and the Code of Ethics.

The Society's Procedural Guidelines for Handling Ethics Complaints Against STS Members sets forth the process by which disciplinary action may be taken against a member who is alleged to have acted unethically. 

For more information regarding the STS Ethics Grievance Process, please contact us.