STS/AATS Workforce on Health Policy, Reform, and Advocacy

Areas of responsibility will include developing responses to industry, other specialties and the government on issues that affect the practice of medicine/thoracic surgery, maintaining interaction with other organizations that will provide coalition support or information that will help the Society maintain its position of strength in the area of health policy, and related media interaction activities.

Alan M. Speir, Chair
Kevin D. Accola
Arvind K. Agnihotri
Michael K. Banbury
Robert S. Boova
Yvonne M. Carter
Adnan Cobanoglu
Michael J. Davidson
Jennifer L. Ellis
Frederick L. Grover
Jeremiah A. Hayanga
Keith A. Horvath
Alan P. Kypson
Stephen J. Lahey
Christine L. Lau**
Richard Lee
Mitchell J. Magee
M. Blair Marshall
John E. Mayer, Jr.
Kenneth R. McCurry**
Scott J. Millikan
Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce**
Dao M. Nguyen
Paul D. Robison
Jess L. Thompson

*AATS representative

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