Workforce on Associate Membership

Areas of responsibility will include the identification and assessment of benefits for existing and potential STS Associate Members, the creation of task forces and other mechanisms for interaction among different populations of non-physician allied health care professionals who support and work directly with thoracic surgeons, and promoting the involvement of STS Associate Members in the governance and activities of the Society.

Walter H. Merrill, Chair
Diane E. Alejo
Faisal H. Cheema
Kelly C. Gustafson
M. LaWaun Hance
Elizabeth Hupp
Sylvia M. Laudun
Thomas E. MacGillivray
Nicole M. Michaud
Richard L. Prager
Edward A. Ranzenbach
Harmik J. Soukiasian
Brandon H. Tieu
Debra E. Wilcox 

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