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Coding Help Desk

The STS Coding Help Desk is designed to assist STS members and their staff with coding, billing, and reimbursement challenges. This valuable service — available at no charge to STS members — provides users with the opportunity to submit specific coding questions for private response via e-mail. The Coding Help Desk’s user-friendly format allows easy upload of related reference documents for clarification of a particular problem.  

Click here to access the Coding Help Desk Request Form. is an online coding and reimbursement tool that makes it easy to code accurately in accordance with payer rules. With your practice can easily avoid incorrect claims, improving your practice’s bottom line. can also help your office eliminate costly billing and coding errors by providing access to all pertinent data related to claim submission. data include:

  • CPTTM, HCPCS Level II, ICD-9 CM codes and their full descriptors;
  • Medicare Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits;
  • National and geographically calculated Medicare fee data;
  • Global fee days;
  • Modifier definitions and usage data;
  • Published Medicare Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs);
  • Full text Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs);
  • Private payer fee calculator; and
  • Coding tips from STS.

This site also includes multiple search functions and a bundling matrix tool that allows you to enter all procedures performed and then provides a summary of the bundled codes. is a subscription-based product that is administered by Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS).

STS Member pricing
1st User - $399
Additional User - $179 / ea.
CPT Assistant Add-on - $199 / ea. user

Non STS-Member Pricing
1st User - $499
Additional User - $249 / ea.
CPT Assistant Add-on - $199 / ea. user

If you would like to request a 30-day free trial, please call (800) 972-9298 or e-mail  sales [at] codintoday [dot] com