Information for International STS Annual Meeting Attendees

STS 53rd Annual Meeting & STS/AATS Tech-Con 2017
January 21-25, 2017 • Houston, Texas

Visa Information
If you are not a US citizen and plan to attend the STS Annual Meeting, advance planning is critical! Attendees from outside the United States may need to apply for a visa at the American embassy, consulate, or other visa-issuing office in their country of origin. Please begin your visa application process as soon as possible. The application and interview process varies from country to country and can take up to 90 days to complete. Learn more about the visa process at

The Visa Waiver Program lets nationals of certain countries travel to the United States for 90 days or less without a visa, provided that they meet all program requirements and have a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approval from the US government. For more information about the Visa Waiver Program, visit content/visas/en/visit/visa-waiver-program.html.

Letters of Invitation
If you need a personalized letter of invitation, please complete the Letter of Invitation Request Form. Once you have completed the request form, STS will e-mail you a personalized letter of invitation within 1 business week. Please note: STS cannot promise that you or your colleagues will receive a visa, nor can it change the decision of any governmental agency should your application be denied.

Information about Houston and the United States
Even for a seasoned traveler, a trip may require some advance planning. Learn more about essential information, helpful travel tips, and answers to common questions posed by visitors to the United States at these websites: