International Membership

International Membership is for surgeons who have achieved appropriate certification or recognition of their achievements in cardiothoracic surgery in countries other than the United States or Canada, and who devote their professional efforts to the interests of the specialty.


STS and EACTS have agreed to an arrangement whereby surgeons who joined EACTS and became Active members prior to 2009 who wish to join STS as International Members do not need to submit the name of an STS sponsor.  A completed STS membership application form and CV are required. Surgeons who became EACTS members in 2009 or later are required to submit all application materials, including the name and contact information of a sponsor who is an Active or International Member of STS, a completed application, and a CV.  EACTS members who are accepted for STS International membership are not required to pay an initiation fee.

Annual membership dues for International Members are $300. Dues for International members living in the United States are $750. Dues for International members living in Canada are US$650. There is a one-time initiation fee of $250 but no separate application fee.

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October 15, 2015 is the application deadline.