STS 49th Annual Meeting Offers Increased Interactivity

STS News, Fall 2012 -- Your voice will be heard at the STS 49th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, January 26–30. Members of the STS Workforce on Annual Meeting have been hard at work making the upcoming meeting more dynamic and interactive, encouraging audience participation beyond what you may have experienced in years past.

“We have many exciting new aspects of the meeting that we’ve never had before,” said John V. Conte, MD, Chair of the Workforce on Annual Meeting. “We are going to have an audience polling component to many of our sessions where audience members will be able to not only ask questions, but also respond to questions in real time.”

Using web-based software called Poll Everywhere, you’ll be able to instantly share your opinion on various questions during the scientific sessions simply by voting via your cell phone’s texting feature. Session moderators will be able to plan questions in advance, as well as create new ones on the fly. Results will be projected, allowing you to see how your colleagues voted, which should make for a lively discussion, according to Dr. Conte.

While you’re sharing your thoughts, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about the latest developments in cardiothoracic surgery through the numerous cutting-edge research abstracts that will be presented. The meeting will also feature lively debates, renowned invited speakers, and popular surgical motion picture sessions.

Trends in Abstract Topics
The Program Task Force noted some intriguing trends in abstract submissions.

“Attendees interested in the adult cardiac subspecialty will learn about different approaches to the same problems that they deal with on a daily basis, whether it’s the hybrid approach to coronary artery disease, minimally invasive mitral valve repair, or minimal-incision aortic valve surgery,” said Dr. Conte.

For general thoracic surgery, abstracts mimic medical evolution over the past decade. “In the submissions, we saw more and more results with minimally invasive procedures,” said Christine L. Lau, MD, a member of the Program Task Force. “At the STS Annual Meeting, we’ll learn about recent clinical trials in thoracic surgery and about changes at various medical centers.”

“In the congenital cardiac subspecialty, session themes will include hypoplastic left heart syndrome, outcomes research, and adult congenital disease,” said James Jaggers, MD, a member of the Program Task Force.

Tech-Con 2013 and Weekend Symposia
Events kick off on Saturday, January 26, with STS/AATS Tech-Con, where you’ll get a preview of innovative technology and therapies in cardiac and general thoracic surgery.

Tech-Con continues on Sunday, a day in which you’ll also have the opportunity to choose between several exciting symposia. One very timely event is the Practice Management Summit, which will help you understand recent changes under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that may directly impact your surgical practice.

“The Practice Management Summit will help all practicing CT surgeons, and particularly those in private practice, learn and perhaps stay ahead of these changes by adapting their own business strategies,” said Vinay Badhwar, MD, Chair of the STS Workforce on Practice Management.

Scientific Sessions and STS University
Annual Meeting scientific sessions begin Monday with the presentation and discussion of three Richard E. Clark Papers, highlighting important research made possible by using the STS National Database. Afterward will be the much-anticipated Thomas B. Ferguson Lecture, as well as the Presidential Address from STS President Jeffrey B. Rich, MD.

Tuesday will offer a health policy forum on proposals to fix Medicare’s flawed Sustainable Growth Rate physician payment formula. Other highlights that day include three J. Maxwell Chamberlain Memorial Papers, award presentations, and the C. Walton Lillehei Lecture.

On Wednesday, January 30, STS University will provide hands-on experience in up to a dozen different areas.

“Both the didactic portion of the meeting and STS University really complement each other,” said Vinod H. Thourani, MD, Chair of the STS University Task Force. “After hearing from experts about the scientific data, STS University allows you to put your hands on the products and techniques that will help you take the information you’ve learned and use it immediately in your own practice.”

Plan to attend the STS 49th Annual Meeting in beautiful Los Angeles and register today!