Important Notice about CMS Coverage and TVT Registry Data Completeness

April 10, 2013

To:         STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Participants and TVT Registry Participants
From:         STS/ACC TVT Registry Leadership

Important Notice about CMS Coverage and TVT Registry Data Completeness
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently expressed concern that a significant number of patient records in the STS/ACC TVT Registry™ do not have a completed Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire (KCCQ). This field, in addition to others such as the 5-meter walk test and patient follow-up, serves as an important indicator of patient Quality of Life (QoL). CMS approved the TVT Registry as a qualifying registry for Medicare TAVR coverage (reimbursement), in part, because of the Registry’s unique ability to collect QoL data. Hospitals who fail to consistently administer and report KCCQ results prior to the TAVR procedure and at the required follow-up intervals will result in data that are unable to answer CMS’ key Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) questions on QoL.

In order for hospitals to meet the requirements for Medicare coverage, TVT Registry participants must capture all TVT Registry data including KCCQ information for all patients at baseline, 30-day follow up, and 1-year follow up.  These data are necessary for the TVT Registry to analyze TAVR procedures and outcomes and to address the CMSs CED questions. 

How can you ensure your KCCQ data are complete?
Refer to your hospital’s latest interim TVT Registry outcome report, which provides information on the completeness of KCCQ data at baseline, 30-day follow up, and 1-year follow up.

Additionally, below is a list of resources available to help you keep track of TVT Registry data collection requirements:

  • An Educational webinar for new TVT Registry participating hospitals is scheduled for April 10th
    Topic:     Orientation to the STS/ACC TVT Registry - an Introductory Webinar
    Date and Time:     Wednesday, April 10, 2013 1:00 pm, EDT
    Event number:     592 709 441
    Event password:     This event does not require a password.
    Event address for attendees:
    Call-in toll-free number:     1-866 221 7393 (US)  Conference Code: 730 496 0198
  • Archived training webinars
  • Monthly Registry site manager webinars
  • NCDR biweekly announcements for all TVT Registry contacts
  • STS announcements to Adult Cardiac Surgery Database primary contacts
  • Data extract function to review interim reports on demand
  • website resources

If you need additional information on CMS’ National Coverage Determination requirements for TAVR, please visit

As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated. We thank you again for your hard work toward the success of this very important program.