Presenter and Moderator Information

Thank you to all presenters and moderators who spoke at the STS 53rd Annual Meeting in Houston!

Important Information Regarding Manuscripts

  • For each abstract that is presented orally or as a scientific poster during the STS Annual Meeting, a corresponding manuscript must also be submitted to The Annals of Thoracic Surgery for publication consideration before or at the time of the meeting.
  • Authors must submit manuscripts via The Annals online manuscript tracking system,
  • Publication of all manuscripts in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery is not assured.
  • If a manuscript is not submitted to The Annals prior to or at the time of the STS Annual Meeting, a 2-year period of ineligibility for participation in the STS Annual Meeting will be imposed upon all manuscript authors, provided that the Editor of The Annals – at his or her sole discretion - may provide the author(s) with an extension of time in which to submit the manuscript when unusual circumstances are presented. The same 2-year sanction rules apply to each abstract returned for revision that is not resubmitted within one calendar year of the request for the revision.
  • All manuscripts shall become the property of the Society.