Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Data Collection

The STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database is currently operating under version 2.9. Data collection forms, training manuals, and additional resources are available to assist in data collection. (Note: Anesthesia information is included in the version 2.9 training manual and data collection forms listed below.)

Version 2.9

Effective July 1, 2017

Training Manual

Data Collection Forms (DCFs) - Updated February 13, 2017

To view annotation in the non-annotated Word DCF, select File – Options – Display – Show Hidden Text. If you need further assistance, please contact your IT Department or do an internet search for your specific version of Office on ways to view hidden text.

Surgeon Worksheets

Additional Resources


  • STS will no longer be posting/maintaining a medication list, due to challenges in keeping the list updated. Instead, data managers are encouraged to use their institution’s medication guide or software.
  • STS will not be posting/maintaining the Valve/VAD list due to confusion in the past. This list will be updated with your vendor; please contact them for the most updated Valve/VAD list.
  • The online risk calculator for version 2.9 is being updated. Due to the addition of many variables, extra time has been required to develop and test it.
Version 2.73

Training Manual

Data Collection Form (DCF)

Additional Resources