Patient Information

Choosing Wisely Materials

As part of the Choosing Wisely initiative, STS, the ABIM foundation, and Consumer Reports have collaborated to produce several free patient brochures:

Tests Before Heart Surgery
Heart Stress Tests Before Chest Surgery
Echocardiography After Surgery to Replace a Heart Valve

Smoking Cessation Materials

Help your patients quit smoking now and improve their chances of a healthier life after surgery by immediately distributing our Stop Smoking for Surgery brochures and wallet cards. Order soon, as quantities are in limited supply.

To order, please fill out the form below:

These smoking cessations materials are also available for FREE below:
    * Stop Smoking for Surgery brochure
    * Quit Smoking wallet card

For physicians: Pharmacologic Aids to Smoking Cessation
STS is also pleased to provide this pocket guide for physicians, which provides product and dosage information for medications available to aid smoking cessation.

What to Expect After Heart Surgery

This guide is presented by STS to help answer some questions that patients and their families often ask after heart surgery or, sometimes, before their surgery so that they are better prepared for recovery. Remember: If your physician's instructions differ in any way from those listed here, always follow your own physician's specific instructions.

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