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STS National Database Contacts

STS National Database Data Submission Coordinator Map and Contact Information - Effective 4.7.2015

A map of the US identifying Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) Data Submission Coordinators (DSC) for the STS National Database is available below.  

Your DSC is a valuable resource for the STS National Database. 
Each DSC will assist you to:

  • answer questions pertaining to the harvest timelines
  • monitor data specification questions
  • resolve data transmission problems
  • clarify data quality report concerns
  • verify receipt of data submissions
  • interpret national report matters
  • update your contact information

The DSCs for the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database are Carol Elliott, and Haywood Allen. Carol Elliott will also assist Leigh Ann Jones as a Backup DSC in the General Thoracic Surgery Database and Congenital Heart Surgery Database.

All DSC contact information is on the map. 

Please take a moment to print and review the US map to familiarize yourself with the DSC for your state.

Map and Contact Information - Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) Data Submission Coordinators (DSC)
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