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STS National Database Contacts

STS National Database Data Submission Coordinator Map and Contact Information - Effective 6.26.2013

A map of the US identifying Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) Data Submission Coordinators (DSC) for the STS National Database is available below.  

Your DSC is a valuable resource for the STS National Database. 
Each DSC will assist you to:

  • answer questions pertaining to the harvest timelines
  • monitor data specification questions
  • resolve data transmission problems
  • clarify data quality report concerns
  • verify receipt of data submissions
  • interpret national report matters
  • update your contact information

The DSCs for the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database are Carol Elliott, Haywood Allen and Grace Ryan. Carol Elliott and Grace Ryan will also assist Leigh Ann Jones as Backup DSC in the General Thoracic Surgery Database and Congenital Heart Surgery Database.

All DSC contact information is on the map. 

Please take a moment to print and review the US map to familiarize yourself with the DSC for your state.

Map and Contact Information - Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) Data Submission Coordinators (DSC)