What's New?

Important information regarding your Data Quality Report
Duke is now using a secured email feature to send out your Data Quality Reports. Please find detailed instructions how to receive them here.

STS Adult Cardiac Surgery Database
Version 2.81 Data Collection Forms starting July 1, 2014 are now available. View them here.

Version 2.81 Training Manual now available here. Updated November 25, 2014

New Data Submission Coordinator (DSC) Map

Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) has updated its Data Submission Coordinator (DSC) map.  

Your DSC will assist you in addressing questions related to:

1) Your National Report
2) Accessing your report online via the registry: https://outcomes.dcri.duke.edu/registry/
3) Obtaining a user name and password (or to reset)
4) Submission of data questions
5) Questions related to harvest timelines
6) Verifying your data submission
7) Resolving data transmission problems
8) Clarifying data quality report concerns
9) Monitoring data specification questions
10) Interpreting final report matters

Each participant in the STS National Database is assigned a DSC.  Please take note of the changes.

DSC Map - (updated April 7, 2015)

DSC State Assignments

2015 Harvest Schedule is listed below:
2015 Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Harvest Schedule
2015 General Thoracic Surgery Database Harvest Schedule
2015 Congenital Heart Surgery Database Harvest Schedule

Participant Contact Form (PCF) updated to include the new role for Marketing Communications Contact - the individual who is responsible for all related public relations and marketing matters within your organization. (DCRI permits only one Marketing Communications Contact per facility.)  The updated form is located here.

Anesthesiology Module

In partnership with the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists, STS is pleased to provide its Anesthesiology Module. Please visit Anesthesiology Module for more information on the new web-based module available for Adult Cardiac Surgery Database participants. Click here for the Anesthesiologist Participant Contact Form.

STS Congenital Heart Surgery Database Update

Please visit Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD) Data Collection for the STS CHSD v3.22 data specifications, data collection forms, and lists, effective January 1, 2014.