Database Vendors

Vendor:     ARMUS
Phone:      800/94-ARMUS

ARMUS Outcomes3 clinical registry solution combines an advanced data entry component with real time validation and an ad-hoc analytical engine with visual query builder in one integrated platform.  The system is delivered through our CQI Application Services (ASP) over the Internet and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Outcomes3 supports all the STS data versions and definitions (from 2.35 through 2.81) in ONE database, allowing longitudinal analysis for quality improvement and/or research.

An individualized STS database using Outcomes3 can be set up quickly.  Sites do not need IT support staff or separate computing environments in order to have secured access to the system that includes:

  • Complete data collection and analytical database application
  • Training and user manual
  • Customer and technical support
  • Periodic system updates and upgrades
  • Accessibility to your database from any where, anytime
  • Interactive help (finding records, data analysis, reports, tables, data exports, etc.) by shadowing your session

Each database in the CQI network is completely independent; your database will NOT be part of another database or shared with any other users. Furthermore, we can customize users' access to ensure data integrity.

The current version of Outcomes3 is the result of almost ten years of consistent research and development. Ad-hoc, visual query designer, data table and statistical analysis are all part of the standard application. No SQL or statistical knowledge nor any reporting tools are required in order to use Outcomes3. Data can be easily exported to other applications at any time.

The data entry mechanism is based on rules and definitions that are checked in real time. The system proactively eliminates many predictable and not so obvious errors by using the rules created for all fields. These rules are stored in a special data structure and any specific changes (user defined fields and rules) are instantaneously applicable the next time you start the application.

ARMUS is the sole application service provider for the Virginia Cardiac Surgery Quality Initiative (VCSQI) where all the institutions (17 centers) are using our services to combine clinical and financial information into Outcomes3 with a patient-matching algorithm. Most of the participant members of VCSQI are also using Outcomes3 for STS data collection.

Please call us to arrange an online demonstration and discuss possible next steps. Many thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Vendor:     Axis Clinical Software, Inc.
Phone:      503.292.3022

Axis has been dedicated to clinical outcomes software since 1980, helping healthcare professionals analyze and improve outcomes.  Our software, PATS® is both powerful and customizable making it easy to track, analyze, report and showcase your outcomes data.  We bring decades of experience as a partner in clinical data management and registry reporting. 

PATS® is certified for the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery and Congenital Heart Surgery database programs.  You may customize the databases by adding your own data fields to the certified registries.  All fields are available for reporting and analysis.  Our software covers the spectrum from validation through analytics, and accurate data harvest and submission. Our support is comprehensive and not only helps you with day-to-day issues and harvests, but provides smooth, seamless transition to new registry versions as they are released.

PATS® is also certified for all of the ACC NCDR Registries, and several State Registries (CA, MA, NY, …).  PATS® supports some AHA-GWTG and numerous other registries.

With PATS®, you also have the ability to create an unlimited number of custom registries at no additional cost. It’s the only application of its kind capable of supporting outcomes data management across an entire enterprise – multiple service lines -- scalable to multiple sites, departments and users, with special utilities exclusively for health systems and integrated delivery networks.

PATS® is equipped with on-board tools for all functions from database design through analysis and reporting and data submission.  We integrate with other hospital systems for interoperability and streamlining data collection. 

Axis offers comprehensive implementation, integration, training and on-going support. Our technical and customer support is the best in the industry. Our software is intuitive and powerful.

For more information or an on-line demonstration Contact Axis at sales [at] axisclinical [dot] com or visit us at

Vendor:     BayaTree, LLC (formerly Velos, Inc.)
Phone:       801.272.3346

The internet based BayaTree eCardio Cardiovascular Solution supports clinical, administrative and outcomes information needs of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. This scalable and flexible suite is available both as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and installable software. Its workflow-centered approach improves data management practices, supporting quality improvement, patient safety, and regulatory compliance for organizations of any size. The solution is fully certified by both the American College of Cardiology (CathPCI and ICD) and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (Adult Cardiac, General Thoracic, and Congenital Surgery) for use by participants. 

BayaTree eCardio captures, reports, tracks, and integrates key clinical information such as diagnoses, procedures, Admission/Discharge/Tranfers (ADT), medications, labs and notes. It allows physicians to track credible, risk-adjusted performance indicators. A single, comprehensive patient record is used across all encounters and modalities to reduce data entry and increas accuracy. Multi-facility security enables healthcare providers with multiple locations to share information and reports in real time. BayaTree eCardio also supports data mining, delivering meaningful outcomes reports to physicians in timely fashion in support of patient care. Because it enables physicians to take ownership over their own continuous quality improvement, it plays an important role in improving the quality/cost equation for cardiac care.

  • Interfaces: Integrates with any external software application using HL7 standards
  • Reporting: Custom  and ad-hoc reporting for outcomes analysis
  • Mobile Apps: Auto-population of Registry Forms via Mobile Apps
  • Security: HIPAA and CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Customization: Easy creation of additional registries and clinical database

BayaTree offers a full suite of cost-effective Cardiovascular, Thoracic, Transplant, Renal, Registry, and Interoperability solutions. We are committed to provide premium products and services to our customers.

Vendor:     CardioPulse (formerly CAOS)
Phone:       877/833-7570

CardioPulse (formerly CAOS) has been supporting STS data submissions since 1998 and is an industry leader in providing certified database software for the STS, ACC-NCDR and multiple state registries.

CardioPulse supports all three STS Databases—Adult Cardiac, General Thoracic Surgery and Congenital Heart Surgery. These data registry components can be purchased as single modules or as a part of a fully integrated CVIS (Cardiovascular Information System).

CardioPulse CVIS provides a single access point for relevant data and imaging across the cardiovascular care continuum. The CardioPulse CVIS is a primary information hub utilized by the heart care community in order to provide enhanced decision making tools with accurate real time data, interfaced with award winning images and concise analytical reporting while simultaneously creating a harmonious and efficient workflow throughout the heart center.

Beginning in 2000, CardioPulse introduced its Hosted or Web based model and today over 95% of our client’s enjoy the convenience of a secure and reliable hosted environment while eliminating costly hardware and IT expenditures.

Other benefits include:

Remote Internet access

All software, upgrades and security are handled by the CardioPulse technical team

Customers’ protected health information is housed in an N+1 redundant server facility

Hosted solutions can be setup with minimal time frames

Clients can access their data using current technology such as iPads, iPhones and tablet’s

Vendor:     CardioAccess, Inc.
Phone:       954/438-0885


CardioAccess is committed to becoming the world leader in medical information management and has been supplying automated information systems for more than 10 years.  Our products are designed and developed with the assistance of cardiothoracic surgeons and staff in order to deliver a product that is both useful and easy to use by all key medical personnel.
CardioAccess has created the International Clinical Outcomes Database (ICO), a fully relational, comprehensive database for both congenital and adult heart disease.  CardioAccess products function as a tool for patient care, teaching, research and practice management.  The International Clinical Outcomes Database is comprised of three parts, the Congenital Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgical Database, the Adult Cardiovascular Surgical Database and the Adult Thoracic Surgical Database.  These databases include all of the required Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) data elements.  The goal of these databases is to provide medical practices with local or remote access to information leading to better medical care.
CardioAccess is pleased to announce that we are now 100% Phase I and Phase 2 certified for the 2.61 Adult Cardiac software specifications.  We were officially the first vendor to do so.  Users of our adult cardiovascular surgical database can now actively participate in the STS' data harvest as well as calculate the risk of patient mortality based on the STS risk stratification algorithms. 

CardioAccess has helped set the standard for data collection for congenital heart disease.  Currently, CardioAccess is one of only a few software vendors to offer a database to collect congenital heart disease surgical data. We have worked in conjunction with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) to standardize the way data is collected for pediatric heart surgery. Beginning in October 2002, CardioAccess users began successfully participating in STS Congenital Data Harvests.  This database is fully compliant with the standards set by the International Congenital Heart Surgery Nomenclature and Database Project which is described in detail in the April 2000 edition of the Annals of Thoracic Surgery.

CardioAccess users have successfully submitted data on coronary artery bypass graft surgeries to both the California CABG Outcomes Reporting Program (CCORP) and to the New York State Adult Cardiac Surgery Reporting System (CSRS) with the help of export utilities housed within the adult STS database.

Our Adult Thoracic Surgical Database has received certification from the STS based on the data specifications version 2.07.  The thoracic database is available as a stand-alone database or combined with our Adult Cardiovascular Surgical Database. 

Vendor: Cedaron Medical, Inc.
Phone:       800/424-1007 or 530/758-7007

Cedaron specializes in systems that include documentation and outcomes built into a single product. Our CardiacCare software includes both the STS Adult Cardiac Surgery and the ACC/NCDR PCI Databases with the option to add the STS Adult Thoracic and STS Congenital databases or the ACC ICD and the Carotid Stent Registries (Care). Cedaron analytics are the most user friendly on the market. Submitting to STS and the ACC/ NCDR is fast and effortless, save your Ad hoc reports as "Flash Reports" and never build the same query twice. . Cedaron offers real time interfaces for ADT Systems for patient demographics, Hemodynamic Systems to bring over the Cath Lab procedure, Permanent Clinical Record for documents, and Surgery Systems for the STS database.

In business since 1990, Cedaron has built an outstanding reputation with both its clients and industry societies. Ranked #1 in customer service we provide unlimited toll-free customer service 24/7/365. Additionally, Cedaron is the sole vendor of documentations and outcomes programs for national benchmarking for The American Physical Therapy Association, The American Society of Hand Therapists and The American Association of Speech Hearing and Language.

Vendor:     GE
Phone:       For your Sales Inquires, Application and Technical Support, please call (800) 437-1171, option 4 for Cardio Support. Existing GE customers  please have your System ID or Serial number for quick identification and proper routing.

GE Healthcare is a global leader in providing solutions for the reliable and efficient acquisition, analysis, and management of patient data in healthcare facilities around the world. The GE Centricity CVIS is an innovative cardiovascular information and image management system which utilizes an integrated STS submission management module to provide customers registry workflow in a single cardiovascular IT solution.

Vendor:     heartbase
Phone:      773/267-7400

The heartbase™ CVIS drives outcome improvement, revenue generation and cost containment by providing tools for efficient data collection, performance analysis and system interoperability.  Housed in a centralized, fully integrated database, heartbase™ compliments hospital operations with its flexibility, customization ability,  module continuum and interface applications.  heartbase™ is installed in over 160 locations nationwide and is configured in a myriad of ways to best meet the specific needs of each hospital - from single user to multi users up to 35+ concurrent users as well as the establishment of hospital network repositories utilizing merged corporate reporting.  Through robust and timely reporting tools, heartbase™ ultimately puts the client in control of its valuable hospital-owned clinical data to bring performance in line with national standards, comply with registry requirements,  identify and apply emerging best practices, positioning the hospital as a quality leader.

heartbase, Inc. products include: 

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
American College of Cardiology-NCDR™(ACC)
The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
Get With the Guidelines (GWTG)
The Joint Commission Core-Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (TJC-CMS)
State registries such as CCORP
HIPAA and Leapfrog compliant,
Additional Modules such as:  Heart Transplant, Electrophysiology, Vascular Procedures, Surgical Narrative Op-Notes 

The data model design is at the heart of heartbase™, collecting and organizing information that can easily be accessed, manage and utilized.  Originally created from a clinician's point of view, the heartbase™ database is longitudinal and centered on the patient fusing all patient clinical data, registries and modules into a central repository, sharing data points with identical definitions throughout active modules.

Vendor:     LUMEDX
Phone:       800/966-0699


With over 600 heart center clients worldwide, LUMEDX is the No. 1 provider of STS and ACC registry software, and the market leader in fully integrated cardiovascular information and imaging systems.

We offer comprehensive solutions for all three STS databases--Adult Cardiac Surgery, General Thoracic Surgery and Congenital Heart Surgery--as well as all the ACC-NCDR and numerous state registries. Users can purchase our registry software as stand-alone products or as part of a fully integrated Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS).

LUMEDX provides an end-to-end CVIS that includes clinical data repository, outcomes management, cardiology PACS, physician documentation and reporting, scheduling, and inventory control. We also offer high-caliber consulting services and technical training.

Trusted, proven and inherently flexible, LUMEDX can help your hospital enhance quality of patient care, reduce costs, streamline workflow, increase patient volume and grow revenue.

For immediate assistance, contact sales [at] lumedx [dot] com. Or visit for more information on our STS Registry solutions and to request a free Registry Information Kit.  

Vendor:   Navion Healthcare Solutions
Phone:      800/634-3278

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Navion exists to optimize patient care with its physician and hospital partners. We accomplish this by advancing quality, improving operational performance and reducing costs through our data-driven solutions.

Registry and Data Management:
Our state of the art web-based Ncompass CQM software enables our customers to efficiently capture and report STS, ACC, CMS and GWTG data. Ncompass CQM provides extensive real-time validation and business process workflow to ensure data quality. Ncompass also offers broad set of self-service standard reports and an ad hoc query tool enabling even non-technical staff the ability to complete in-depth review of their data.

Ncompass CQM is a Certified Software Vendor for STS-Adult Cardiac Surgery, ACC-NCDR Cath/PCI, ACTION, and ICD. In addition, Ncompass CQM supports GWTG Stroke and Heart Failure datasets as well as the CMS Inpatient and Outpatient Quality Reporting datasets.

Abstraction Services:
Navion has over 20 years of experience abstracting clinical data elements. The team expertise encompasses all the CMS indicators and national registries including CMS, ACC, STS, GWTG, and JCAHO.

Healthcare Consulting:
Consulting services include service line operational assessments, quality and performance improvement, and cost reduction strategies including supply cost management.

For immediate assistance contact Navion at info [at] navionhcs [dot] com or visit our website at

Vendor:     Q-Centrix
Phone:       630/294-1145

Q-Centrix is a comprehensive quality partner to hundreds of hospitals, providing clinical surveillance, abstraction, analysis, and improvement solutions. Combining the market-leading technology platform, Q-Apps, with the industry's largest and broadest team of nurse-educated, quality information specialists, Q-Centrix optimizes registry participation for over 150 hospitals. The Q-Centrix Registry solution manages the entire registry encounter life cycle, from patient admissions to submission, with individual hospital and network reporting to the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) registries – in an easy, efficient, and real-time manner.

As the first complete registry solution, our patent-pending technology features: 

  • Minimal IT engagements: Cloud-based SaaS allows an easy deployment across the healthcare network and requires limited IT engagement and training efforts.
  • Efficiency across registries: Data elements are collected once and then used across multiple registries, lowering costs while improving accuracy and consistency.
  • Actionable analytics: Powerful, real-time analytics that offer drill-down capabilities to truly understand your quality performance. Track toward key measures throughout the submission timeline.
  • Excellent usability: Modern and elegant user interface with built-in form validation tools.

Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about the only complete registry solution.

Vendor:     Quantros, Inc.
Phone:       408/957-3300

Quantros is a leading software company specializing in real-time, internet-based applications for the healthcare provider industry. With over 1,400 healthcare organizations using one or more of our products, Quantros focuses its attention on solutions that help organizations track, monitor and report and analyze safety and risk management, quality and performance improvement and accreditation and compliance data.

In the area of quality and performance improvement, we have created Quantros RRM for reporting to the STS Cardiovascular Registry as well as The Joint Commission, CMS, the ACC-NCDR CathPCI Registry, AHA Get with the Guidelines (AHA GWTG) database and state mandated reporting systems. Quantros RRM currently helps over 650 healthcare providers as they strive to continually improvement quality and performance improvement within their organizations.

Vendor:     Technology Solution Partners LLC
Phone:       203/925-8388

Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, Technology Solution Partners L.L.C. (TSP) is an information technology (IT) consulting and services company. TSP specializes in providing, comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective application and software development consulting services, training and mentoring guidance, solutions and associated support services. This includes design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance, support, and hosting for global projects. TSP with its ability to manipulate and integrate technology that represents the experienced knowledge of more than 100 successfully completed software applications spanning over 15 years, has been providing competitive, technology-based services to leading businesses, including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Montefiore Hospital Network, New York Presbyterian Hospital Network, New York Structural Biology Center, and Pfizer, among other organizations in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, non-profit, and public-sector organizations. TSP specializes in healthcare and pharmaceutical areas.

Vendor:     Juniper Consulting Group
Phone:       801-243-5192

Website:   rjacobs [at] junipercg [dot] com

CardioTrac is a low-cost, Web-enabled, scalable cardiovascular outcomes application that captures encounter and outcomes information, patient demographics, lab data, and other procedure results for physicians and researchers. CardioTrac delivers timely, accurate, and accessible cardiovascular outcomes data that clinicians use to pinpoint effective treatments.

CardioTrac is both ACC and STS certified and is agile enough to adjust quickly to any updates to these two national registries. Built with the EnterpriseTenFold development platform, CardioTrac flexibly adapts without costly programming. CardioTrac includes ACC and STS reporting, built-in reports and interfaces, and secure Web access for remote clinicians all at one low price.  Contact person: Robert Jacobs at rjacobs [at] junipercg [dot] com.

Vendor:     Behemoth Amalgamated ("bA".) (formerly The Begg Technology Group, Inc.)
Phone:       571/235-1645
Email:         info [at] behemothamalgamated [dot] com