Training Manual

Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Training Manual

I.    Cover Letter

II.   Table of Contents

III.  History and Purpose - to be posted


V.   Data Collection
      a. Annotated Data Collection Form
      b. Non-Annotated Data Collection Form
      c. Data Specifications
      d. Guide to Using Data Collection Form and Data Specifications
      Section A: Administrative
      Section B: Demographics
      Section C: Hospitalization
      Section D: Risk Factors
      Section E: Previous CV Interventions
      Section F: Preoperative Cardiac Status
      Section G: Preoperative Medications
      Section H: Hemodynamics and Heart Catheterization
      Section I: Operative
      Section J: Coronary Bypass
      Section K: Valve Surgery
      Section L: VAD
      Section M: Other Cardiac Procedures
      Section N: Other Non Cardiac Procedures
      Section O: Postoperative
      Section P: Complications
      Section Q: Mortality
      Section R: Discharge
      Section S: Readmission

VI.  Data Quality and Consistency
      a. STS Procedure Identification Table 
      b. Consistency Edits
      c. Parent Child Fields
      d. Risk Model Variables

VII. Harvest Overview
      a. Harvest Notification
      b. Current Harvest Procedural Checklist
      c. Complete Data Submission Instructions
      d. Data File Inclusion in Analysis Sign-Off Form
      e. Hospital Name Clarification Report
      f. STS Participant Contact Form

VIII.  STS/DCRI Contact List

IX.    Clinical Questions/FAQ