2019 AQO Questions & Case Scenarios Submission Form

The primary objective of AQO is to provide a variety of presentations and discussions that will help improve data collection and patient outcomes. 

To help ensure you get the most out of the meeting, please submit for consideration any questions or case scenarios you want discussed by a panel of experts during the meeting. Although we try to incorporate as many questions/scenarios into the presentations as possible, not all submissions may be included. If you have any questions about a case you are abstracting, please submit it to the STS Clinical Question Request Form.

Questions/cases must be submitted by Friday, September 6, 2019. 


Adult Cardiac Surgery Database
I have a critically ill patient who presented with bacterial endocarditis, respiratory failure, septic shock, and multisystem failure. How do I capture the degree of her illness? I captured that the patient received IV Inotropic therapy prior to surgery. The only shock question available is cardiogenic shock.

Congenital Heart Surgery Database
I have a patient that needed an arch repair while doing the BDG. Should the BDG still be considered the primary procedure because it changes the complexity of the case?

General Thoracic Surgery Database
My patient went to the OR two times during admission for decortication. Do I count the second as a separate procedure, as a complication from the first, or both? 

Intermacs Database
I have a patient that has chronic driveline infections. Do I keep completing the Major Infection AE form every time he is seen for a follow-up visit? The culture is always the same bacteria and no new treatments/interventions have been prescribed.