Workforce on Evidence Based Surgery

Areas of responsibility will include the development of patient management protocols and guidelines, and enhancement of the dissemination and implementation of STS practice guidelines.

Jennifer S. Lawton, Chair — Baltimore, MD
Anders Ahlsson — Stockholm, Sweden
Mark F. Berry — Stanford, CA
Justin D. Blasberg — New Haven, CT
Lisa M. Brown — Sacramento, CA
Joanna Chikwe — Los Angeles, CA
Traves D. Crabtree — Springfield, IL
Mario F.L. Gaudino — New York, NY
Joshua B. Goldberg — White Plains, NY
Michael S. Kent — Boston, MA
Onkar V. Khullar — Atlanta, GA
Douglas Liou — Union City, CA
Hersh Maniar — St. Louis, MO
R. Scott McClure — Calgary, Canada
Gaetano Paone — Charlotte, NC
Ourania A. Preventza — Houston, TX
Daniel P. Raymond — Shaker Heights, OH
Thomas A. Schwann — Springfield, MA
A. Laurie W. Shroyer — Setauket, NY
Thoralf M. Sundt — Boston, MA
Matthew L. Williams — Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie G. Worrell — Shaker Heights, OH
Moritz C. Wyler von Ballmoos — Houston, TX