Workforce on Evidence Based Surgery

Areas of responsibility will include the development of patient management protocols and guidelines, and enhancement of the dissemination and implementation of STS practice guidelines.

Jennifer S. Lawton, Chair
Anders Ahlsson
Mark F. Berry
Justin D. Blasberg
Joanna Chikwe
Traves D. Crabtree
Joel Dunning
Melanie A. Edwards
Michael P. Fischbein
Mario F.L. Gaudino
Joshua B. Goldberg
Michael S. Kent
Onkar V. Khullar
R. Scott McClure
Gaetano Paone
Daniel P. Raymond
Thomas A. Schwann
A. Laurie W. Shroyer
Thoralf M. Sundt
Matthew L. Williams
Stephanie G. Worrell
Moritz C. Wyler von Ballmoos