Workforce on International Meetings

Areas of responsibility will include the identification of opportunities for the conduct of STS educational meetings to be held outside the United States and provided unilaterally or in conjunction with other organizations, and the development of associated programs.

Wilson Y. Szeto, Chair
Gabriel S. Aldea
Jorge M. Balaguer
Joseph E. Bavaria
Juan A. Crestanello
Arnar Geirsson
Rune Haaverstad
S. Christopher Malaisrie
Patrick O. Myers
Hani K. Najm
Davide Pacini
Domenico Pagano
Darshan Reddy
Gaetano Rocco
Hon Chi Suen
Leonidas Tapias
Vinod H. Thourani
Michael Z. Tong
Yuichi Ueda
Juan P. Umana
Song Wan