Workforce on Media Relations and Communications

Areas of responsibility will include identifying and responding, as appropriate, to thoracic surgery matters of interest or importance to the media and the public; recommending strategies for STS relationships and interactions with those groups; identifying and preparing STS members for media interaction; and coordinating proactive efforts to position the specialty and its issues positively with the media and the public.

Robbin G. Cohen, Chair — Los Angeles, CA
Tom C. Nguyen, Vice Chair — San Francisco, CA
Daniel T. Engelman — Longmeadow, MA
Cherie P. Erkmen — Philadelphia, PA
Farhood Farjah — Seattle, WA
Richard K. Freeman — Maywood, IL
T. Sloane Guy — Philadelphia, PA
Jason Han — Philadelphia, PA
Robert E. Merritt — Columbus, OH
Vivek Rao — Toronto, Canada
Manu S. Sancheti — Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth H. Stephens — Rochester, MN
Brendon M. Stiles — New York, NY
Mathew Thomas — Jacksonville, FL
Thomas K. Varghese, Jr. — Salt Lake City, UT