Workforce on Patient Safety

Areas of responsibility will include promoting safe practice in thoracic surgery by providing resources for thoracic surgeons to learn and exercise the principles of safe practice, error management and error prevention; facilitating a culture of safety within the specialty of thoracic surgery as a whole and the Society in particular; and providing patient-centered information.

Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, Chair — Ottawa, Canada
James H. Abernathy — Baltimore, MD
Kumari Adams — Ypsilanti, MI
Kathleen S. Berfield — Seattle, WA
Edgar G. Chedrawy — Halifax, Canada
Robbin G. Cohen — Los Angeles, CA
Robert J. Cusimano — Toronto, Canada
Christopher M. Feindel — Toronto, Canada
Francis D. Ferdinand — Erie, PA
Steven D. Harrington — Naples, FL
Shahna Helmick* — Iowa City, IA
Walter H. Merrill — Nashville, TN
Howard Song — Portland, OR
Monisha Sudarshan — Cleveland, OH
Garrett L. Walsh — Houston, TX

*AmSECT representative