Workforce on Surgical Treatment of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease

Areas of responsibility will include the identification and assessment of issues that are of unique concern to surgeons who treat adults with congenital heart disease, liaison with other STS Workforces in their efforts to address those issues, and recommending strategies for addressing those issues of unique concern to those surgeons that are not within the scope of other STS Workforces' responsibilities.

Hani K. Najm, Chair — Cleveland, OH
Castigliano Bhamidipati, Vice Chair — Portland, OR
Carl L. Backer — Lexington, KY
Ziv Beckerman — Austin, TX
Jordan P. Bloom — Charlestown, MA
James J. Gangemi — Charlottesville, VA
Camille Hancock Friesen — Omaha, NE
Michael Kwon — Boston, MA
Alberto Pochettino — Rochester, MN
Vikas Sharma — Salt Lake City, UT