Workforce on Thoracic Surgery Resident Issues

Areas of responsibility will include liaison with the Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education, generating interest in thoracic surgery among medical students and general surgery residents, developing resources for thoracic surgery residents, including educational programming, mentoring initiatives, and help with identifying employment opportunities.

Elizabeth A. David, Chair — Pasadena, CA
Leah M. Backhus — Stanford, CA
Joshua Chan — Stanford, CA
Garrett N. Coyan — Pittsburgh, PA
Elisabeth U. Dexter — Buffalo, NY
Erin A. Gillaspie — Nashville, TN
Irbaz Hameed — New Haven, CT
James Huang — New York, NY
Anita R. Krueger — Fort Worth, TX
Christopher E. Mascio — Philadelphia, PA
Shari L. Meyerson — Lexington, KY
Maral Ouzounian — Toronto, Canada
Himanshu J. Patel — Ann Arbor, MI
Rishindra M. Reddy — Ann Arbor, MI
Janani S. Reisenauer — Rochester, MN
Ross M. Reul — Houston, TX
Jennifer C. Romano — Ann Arbor, MI
Evan P. Rotar — Charlottesville, VA
Manisha Shende — Erie, PA
Benjamin Smood — Philadelphia, PA
Jason M. Wallen — Syracuse, NY
Tyler J. Wallen — Gainesville, FL