2019 STS Legislative Fly-In Training Materials

This advocacy training webinar series provides background information to prepare you to engage members of Congress and their staff members during the 2019 STS Legislative Fly-In. Please see the corresponding handouts for additional reference on each topic. 

This webinar will introduce you to the schedule for this year's STS Legislative Fly-in and outline the legislative “asks” that STS members will take to Capitol Hill on July 16.

Graduate Medical Education
Learn about the physician shortage and one bill that attempts to tackle the problem: the Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act.

Learn about the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and why STS supports reauthorization.

Reduce Incidences of Lung Cancer
Learn about differences in lung cancer rates among women and men and one bill that will fund research to explain this discrepancy: the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act.

Tobacco Control
Learn about three bills that would help protect young people from nicotine addiction and save lives.

Tobacco and Veterans
Learn about why VA facilities still have smoking centers and a bill that would protect veterans from the harmful effects of tobacco.

Mock Congressional Videos

In this 2-part video series, medical student Raymond J. Strobel and Dr. Malini P. Daniel perform two mock Congressional meetings, showing what to do and what not to do.

Part 1: What Not to Do

Part 2: What to Do