COVID-19 and STS Activities

Updated April 2, 2020

STS, along with the rest of the world, remains vigilant in monitoring the coronavirus and its impact on our organizational activities, upcoming events, and—most important—our members and staff.

The following events have been canceled or postponed:

  • ECMO Management Symposium (March 12-14 in Houston)
  • Workshop on Thoracic Robotics (May 13-15 near Atlanta)
  • Workshop on Cardiac Robotics (May 28-29 near Atlanta)
  • Advanced Coronary Surgery Congress (June 13-14 in Ottawa)
  • STS Legislative Fly-In (June 15-16 in Washington, DC)
  • STS/EACTS/ESTS Latin America General Thoracic Surgery Conference (Nov. 13-14 in Brazil)
  • STS/EACTS Latin America Cardiovascular Surgery Conference (Nov. 20-22 in Argentina) 

Our top priority is the health and safety of our members, faculty and, of course, our staff.

Please continue to check this page of the STS website for further updates.

How STS Is Responding to COVID-19

Watch and/or read messages about COVID-19 from STS President Joseph A. Dearani, MD.

Online Community and COVID-19 Resources

We have created a COVID-19 resource on our website with two components for you to use:

  • Online community for members to share real-time and relevant information, best practices, policies, guidelines, and guidance. You can ask questions or share updates. You'll need to be logged into "My Profile" with your STS username and password. See the top right of this page. If you have trouble logging in, contact Membership. Please review our terms of use before using this.
  • Resources page that has links to relevant information and resources from a variety of external organizations and entities involved in COVID-19 matters.

Phishing Scams

Please note: STS and President Joseph Dearani are not sending emails requesting money due to the coronavirus. It is a phishing scam. Please do not respond to this or any other email without checking with us at