STS Cardiothoracic Surgery E-Book

The STS Cardiothoracic Surgery E-Book is the most complete and authoritative online resource of cardiothoracic surgical information in the world.

More than 600 leading surgeons from around the globe have authored and edited approximately 330 interactive chapters included in the two volumes of the e-book—Pearson’s General Thoracic and Adult Cardiac and Congenital. The general thoracic volume is an update and expansion of the popular Pearson's Thoracic & Esophageal Surgery textbook, while the adult cardiac and congenital volume is all new. 

The e-book is rich with multimedia content. The comprehensive resource showcases more than 2,000 photographs, charts, figures, and surgical videos. In addition, hundreds of high-quality, hand-drawn medical illustrations were commissioned. Both volumes will be updated continuously to reflect the most current information.

Cardiothoracic surgery programs and residents currently have free access to the e-book through the STS Learning Center; future access may be contingent on purchase of the Thoracic Surgery Curriculum. The e-book soon will be available for purchase by hospitals, clinical practices, and individuals. Special introductory member pricing will be offered.