2017 Advances in Quality & Outcomes: A Data Managers Meeting

Event dates
Chicago, Illinois


Before completing the registration, please note: 

  • You’ll need your STS Member ID to receive the discounted member rate. Database participation is not the same as STS membership (eg, Active, International, Associate, or Senior membership). Your 6-digit STS Member ID is not your site or Database participant ID. For help with your STS Member ID, please contact Member Services.
  • AQO room rates are for conference attendees only; one room per attendee. Hotel reservations will be cross-checked against the conference registration list. Individuals who have hotel reservations and are not registered for the conference will be contacted for further information and face room cancelation.
Conference Prices
Congenital Track (Wed. all day) Member $550 Non-Member $650
General Thoracic Track (Wed. all day) Member $550 Non-Member $650
Adult Cardiac Track (Thurs. afternoon & Fri. morning) Member $600 Non-Member $700
SAVE! Congenital & Adult Cardiac Tracks Member $800 Non-Member $975
SAVE! General Thoracic & Adult Cardiac Tracks Member $800 Non-Member $975