#147: Same Surgeon, Different Light S3: Drs. Fatima G. Wilder and Asishana A. Osho

March 17, 2023

In this episode, Dr. David Cooke interviews Drs. Fatima Wilder and Asishana Osho—both first-year faculty at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital respectively. In the episode, we learn about their upbringings and how that paved the way for their current work. Dr. Wilder spent a lot of her childhood in the General Assembly for the United Nations, and it helped shape her view of people and relationships, as well as provide a perspective of how vast the world really is. Meanwhile, Dr. Osho came to the US from Nigeria to attend a small liberal arts college. He discusses how this education helped shape his interactions with people. Listen as they share why they both wanted to become surgeons, their experiences being the first black faculty within their individual divisions, their goals for working with their communities in Boston, the considerations of raising a family as a cardiothoracic surgeon, and where they see the specialty going in the future. 

“Same Surgeon, Different Light” is a program from the Society designed to demystify cardiothoracic surgery, revealing the men and women behind their surgical masks. The podcast series is supported by AstraZeneca.

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