STS National Database News: GTSD Edition, March/April 2021

March/April 2021

Data Managers Receive Free Registration to AQO 2021

This past Friday, the Society sent an email to all GTSD contacts regarding delays and challenges related to the phased rollout of the next-generation STS National Database. As a courtesy in recognition of these challenges, STS is offering free registration to all STS National Database data managers for the upcoming Advances in Quality & Outcomes (AQO) Meeting, which will be held virtually October 12-15. Free registration will help ensure that data managers attend the educational sessions and have a solid understanding of the dashboards and tools developed for quality improvement initiatives.  

2020 Analyses Coming Before Spring Harvest Close

The major issues impacting the delivery of the GTSD risk-adjusted and benchmark reports have now been resolved, and delivery is projected for May. To help ensure that participants have access to their 2020 reports prior to the GTSD Harvest close, the close date has been postponed. Participants will receive an advance notice of at least 2 weeks prior to the new—yet to be determined—date. In the meantime, STS encourages data managers to continue using open submission to ensure clean and accurate data.

Audit Letters Due to Arrive Next Week

STS National Database audits are designed to complement internal quality controls by examining the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the data collected within the Database. Soon, 10% of participating sites will be selected at random for an independent audit. Notification and logistics pertaining to the audit will be sent to the affected sites the first week of April.

Help Demystify Lung Cancer for Patients

The STS patient information website,, offers animations, videos, and easy-to-understand language to explain various cardiothoracic conditions and procedures. The Lung Cancer page explains lung anatomy, types of lung cancers, causes and risk factors, and the types of biopsies and operations that may be used to diagnose and treat the cancer. If you interact with patients at your institution, make sure to share this important resource—handouts are available for download in both English and Spanish. Contact Jennifer Bagley at with feedback or questions about the patient website.