STS News

STS News is a quarterly newsletter that keeps members informed about STS programs and activities. Printed copies are mailed to all STS members, and electronic copies are available below. Provide your comments and suggestions to

In this issue:

  1. Is ‘Supersubspecialization’ the Future of Cardiothoracic Surgery Training?
  2. STS Amplifies Commitment to Reinvesting in the Specialty
  3. President's Column: Gender Equity: Where Does CT Surgery Stand?
  4. Practice Management: Making the Switch to an EHR System
  5. Executive Director's Column: On a Culture of “We”
  6. Member News: Summer 2018
  7. In Memoriam: Gordon F. Murray, MD
  8. News Briefs: Summer 2018
  9. Tap into the ‘Power and Depth’ of the STS National Database
  10. Washington Scene: STS Advocates Push for Residency Cap Increase, Access to Claims Data