STS News - Spring 2022

In this issue, read about current trends within the global cardiothoracic surgery workforce, the latest in intraoperative molecular imaging, and a legendary heart surgeon’s selfless leadership and extraordinary work that is impacting lives in Guatemala and around the world. Also don’t miss the recap of the most recent STS Annual Meeting and a breakdown of need-to-know issues related to Medicare reimbursement.

STS Board Expands, New Leaders Elected

New STS officers and directors were elected or reelected, and several important Bylaws changes were approved during the virtual Annual Membership (Business) Meeting held in conjunction with the Society’s 58th Annual Meeting.

Member News: Spring 2022

Find the latest updates on STS member job changes, promotions, and honors for Drs. Ralph Mosca, Marc Moon, Hiroo Takayama, Maral Ouzounian, Charles Fraser, Richard Lazzaro, Amy Fiedler, Sanjay Samy, Elliot Wakeam, and John Karamichalis.

Highlights of the STS 58th Annual Meeting

More than 2,800 professional registrants joined the Society’s virtual 58th Annual Meeting in January. Read the details of the presentations during the Vivien T. Thomas Symposium, meet the award winners, and learn about the inspiring keynote lectures, including the Presidential Address from Dr. Sean Grondin.

News Briefs: Spring 2022

Read about the new Coronary Conference, CT Surgery Masters Showdown, popular STS podcast episodes, the most-downloaded Annals articles, and more.

Former Guatemalan Vice President Is a Legendary Heart Surgeon

A witness to historic surgical advancements, a champion of tide-turning social reform, and the only physician to have served as Vice President of Guatemala, senior STS Member Dr. J. Rafael Espada devotes his days to repairing hearts and reforging the heart of his nation.