Cardiothoracic Surgery in the COVID Crisis: Looking Forward – Post-COVID Recovery and Impacts on the Field

As cardiothoracic surgery procedures begin to resume, this week’s webinar looked ahead to the field’s post-COVID recovery and evolution, including greater use of telemedicine. Moderators Gorav Ailawadi, MD, Shanda H. Blackmon, MD, MPH, and Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD, along with other physician leaders, shared their vision and optimism about the future. They:

  • Heard a forecast about COVID’s continued impact on health care systems
  • Discussed preoperative testing and patient and provider safety   
  • Shared ideas on how to optimize telemedicine 
  • Addressed COVID’s long-term financial impact on cardiothoracic surgeons 
  • Answered questions from the audience

This webinar was supported by Medtronic.

Gorav Ailawadi, MD, MBA
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Shanda H. Blackmon, MD, MPH
Mayo Clinic  
Rochester, MN

Tsuyoshi Kaneko, MD 
Harvard University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital 
Boston, MA

Robert J. Cerfolio, MD, MBA 
NYU Langone Health
New York, NY

Daniel T. Engelman, MD 
Baystate Health 
Springfield, MA

Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH 
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Boston, MA

Tom C. Nguyen, MD 
Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Institute - Texas Medical Center
Houston, TX