ECMO & COVID-19: Indications, Initiation, and Proper PPE Use

The ECMO Team from the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia created this important video to help you--the health care professional:

1) Protect yourself, your patients, and your colleagues

2) Learn how to properly don and doff PPF and PAPR

3) Who should be present (in the room and outside) while cannulating a COVID-19 patient or suspected COVID-19 patient for ECMO

VIDEO courtesy of Rita Karianna Milewski, MD, PhD, MSEd, Josh Grimm, MD, Salim Olia, PhD, and Christian Bermudez, MD.

Dr. Milewski is on the STS Workforce on Critical Care, Workforce on E-Learning and Innovation, Boot Camp Taskforce, and TSDA Executive Committee. Dr. Bermudez has served as faculty on the STS/ELSO ECMO Symposium and as a member of the STS Workforce on Surgical Treatment of End-Stage Cardiopulmonary Disease.