STS National Database Launches

More than 2 years in the making, the next generation STS National Database launched this week (week of January 27, 2020). The phase 1 rollout includes a data uploader, missing variable report, interactive dashboard, and a data quality report that will provide feedback within minutes after upload.

“The transition represents an evolution for all consumers of the STS National Database,” said Vinay Badhwar, MD, chair of the STS Council on Quality, Research, and Patient Safety. “This is an exciting time for our specialty as we collectively strive to improve our experience, reduce data burden, and save time and resources, while maintaining a unified platform for surgical quality.”

The platform is powered by the Society’s new data warehouse, IQVIA, a leading global provider of advanced technology solutions.

Phase 2 launch, which is planned for this spring, will include access to risk-adjusted outcomes and like group comparisons for participants in the Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD). For participants in the General Thoracic Surgery Database and the Congenital Heart Surgery Database, access to risk-adjusted outcomes will come during phase 3 this summer. At that time, ACSD participants will see a more than 30% reduction in the number of data entry variables, which will save time and resources, without sacrificing the granularity or robustness of the data.

Latest updates on the STS National Database