Surgeons and Comprehensive Biomarker Testing for Lung Cancer Patients

In this episode of the STS Webinar Series, surgeons from different practice environments in the US and Canada share their experiences with establishing biomarker testing protocols for lung cancer patients. Topics include the evidence base for adjuvant targeted therapy for EGFR-positive patients, the variability in biomarker testing practices at the panelists’ institutions, and the decision-making process behind tissue acquisition for biomarker testing.


Farhood Farjah, MD, MPH
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

M. Blair Marshall, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA


Jessica S. Donington, MD, MSCR
The University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Janet P. Edwards, MD, MPH
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Biniam Kidane, MD, MSc
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB

Svetlana Kotova, MD
Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, OR

Linda W. Martin, MD, MPH
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA