STS Congenital Heart Surgery Database

The STS Congenital Heart Surgery Database (CHSD) is the largest database in North America dealing with congenital cardiac malformations. The CHSD contains more than 435,000 congenital heart surgery procedure records and currently has more than 900 participating physicians, including surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Data Collection

STS has compiled a training manual, data collection forms, and additional resources to aid in data collection for the Congenital Heart Surgery Database.

Executive Summaries

Executive summaries provide a high-level overview of each Database for the reporting period. Executive summaries contain volume data by selected procedures and unadjusted operative mortality for selected procedures.

Sample Data Analysis Reports

These sample Data Analysis Reports are examples of the semi-annual Data Analysis Reports received by CHSD Participants. Each Data Analysis Report provides Participant-level data compared to the STS Benchmark and to Like Groups for each reporting period.

Sample Data Quality Report

Following data submission, the Data Warehouse will send the Data Quality Report within 3 days if no problems are encountered. The Data Quality Report should be reviewed for any problems, and corrections should be made. An example of the Data Quality Report can be found here.