STS National Database Contact Information

STS and IQVIA staff are available to help you with questions regarding the STS National Database. The following flowchart describes the participant support process managed by STS in collaboration with IQVIA.

Contact Info.png

* Inquiries received outside live support hours will require a 24-hour turnaround window (i.e., one business day) for responses.

^ STS will route questions to DCRI as needed.


Please call (833) 256-7187 or email if you have specific technical questions related to the following:

  • Username and password
  • Data submission 
  • Uploader
  • Data quality report
  • Missing variable report 
  • Dashboard report
  • Other questions related to your data

Please contact with general questions regarding the STS National Database. STS staff can provide support on the following:

Please use this form to submit general feedback regarding the new STS National Database platform, its functionality, and your experience during the transition to IQVIA.