Access to data from the STS National Database

Important Dates for A&P

The STS 2014 A&P Schedule is currently being updated.

Selected Documents

Guidelines on Use of STS National Database and Database-Derived Information

Instructions on How to Request Access to the STS National Database

Request for Access

Send completed forms to Jane Han, Senior Manager of Quality Metrics & Initiatives, (jhan [at] sts [dot] org).

Data Request Form (This Microsoft Word document is for use by all investigators requiring risk-adjusted data or for researchers who have yet to contribute to the STS National Database or investigators funded by the government, private agencies, or industry.)

Grant Proposal Form (This document is for use if you have a research question involving data from the STS National Database that requires funding from an external granting agency.)

STS Database Participant Data Request Form for Internal Use (This form is for STS National Database participants engaged in research for internal purposes only.)