How to Become a Participant

Steps to Participation in the STS National Database

Step 1:
E-mail Elizabeth Watkins at ewatkins [at] sts [dot] org to receive a copy of the Participant Contact Form and the Participation & Business Associates/Data Use Agreement. On the Participant Contact Form please include contact information for the following persons at a minimum:

  • All surgeons/anesthesiologists participating
  • Surgeon Representative
  • Anesthesiologist Representative (if applicable)
  • Billing Contact
  • Data Quality Report Recipient
  • National Report Recipient
  • Contract Contact
  • Primary (and Backup) Data and File Contacts
  • Marketing Contact

Step 2: Idenitfy a STS Certified/Harvest Compliant Software Vendor. A full list is available here.

Step 3: Fill out and return the Participaion and Business Associates/Data Use Agreement to ewatkins [at] sts [dot] org. Once the agreements are fully executed, a five digit Participant ID # (PID) will be issued. 

Step 4: Designated Data Manager enters data into STS Certified/Harvest Compliant vendor according to the harvest schedule. Data Manager then submits data file to Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) for analysis.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact:

Elizabeth Watkins
STS National Database Contracts Manager

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
633 North Saint Clair Street, Floor 23
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312/202-5858
Fax: 312/202-5867
ewatkins [at] sts [dot] org