Policy on STS Annual Meeting For Submitters, Presenters, and Moderators

Abstract and Surgical Video Submissions 

  • Each abstract and surgical video submitted to the Society for possible presentation at the STS Annual Meeting must summarize an original contribution and must not have been presented, published or accepted for presentation or publication elsewhere. 
  • Abstracts and surgical videos chosen for presentation are selected at the discretion of the Workforce on Annual Meeting to create a fair and balanced program. 
  • Only electronic abstracts submitted using the online system will be considered for presentation. 
  • Only authors (and not their assistants) may complete submissions; authors will be responsible for the information provided. 
  • The submitting author must provide accurate e-mail addresses of all co-authors, and must attest that (a) all co-authors of the abstract have granted consent for the material to be submitted for presentation, and (b) that the submitting author has been granted the right by all co-authors to act on their behalf. 
  • For the submitted abstract or surgical video, each co-author must complete his or her disclosure information in the system. The abstract or surgical video will not be reviewed or considered for acceptance unless all authors have completed their disclosures. 
  • STS reserves the right to withdraw any abstract and/or surgical video at any time. 
  • All abstracts and surgical videos must be submitted and presented in English. 
  • If an abstract is not accepted as an oral presentation, it may be accepted as a scientific poster presentation instead. The final determination on format is at the discretion of the Workforce on Annual Meeting. 
  • The presenting author for each abstract and/or surgical video must attend the STS Annual Meeting. In the event that a change of presenting author must be made after the submission of the abstract, STS must be notified in writing. NOTE: The replacement presenter must be a co-author of the abstract. 
  • Once an abstract and/or surgical video has been accepted, additional authors may not be added. 
  • Industry is not allowed to perform data analysis or develop abstracts, surgical videos, slide presentations, or scientific posters. 
  • Abstract and surgical video content must be based upon the best available evidence and should not promote any health care device, drug, other product or service. Presenters/moderators found by the Society not to have attempted to utilize the best available evidence, or found to have provided content that is biased or promotional in nature, will not be allowed to take part in the planning or provision of any other STS educational program or product for 2 years.
  • If the presenter/moderator has any relationship posing a conflict or potential conflict relevant to his or her session, he or she may not make any recommendations regarding relevant products or services as part of that session. Any presenter/moderator found to have made a recommendation based upon relevant products or services in the presence of a relationship that poses an actual or potential conflict of interest will not be allowed to take part in the planning or provision of any other STS educational program or product for 2 years. 
  • Each presenter of an oral presentation during the scientific sessions will be provided with a time limit for presentation and must comply with this limit. 
  • Authors whose posters are accepted for presentation who are not available to present their selected posters in person during the STS Annual Meeting, will be subject to a 2-year period of ineligibility for participation in the Annual Meeting, provided that the Society may waive this penalty when unusual circumstances are presented. 
  • Unless it is submitted as a late-breaking promissory abstract, no abstract will be considered with deferred outcome data. If data are to be presented, they must appear in the original abstract submitted. If there are any questions regarding changes in data after the abstract has been submitted, it is the responsibility of the presenting author to notify STS by e-mail at education@sts.org.
  • For each abstract that is presented orally or as a scientific poster during the STS Annual Meeting, a corresponding manuscript must also be submitted to The Annals of Thoracic Surgery for publication consideration before or at the time of the meeting. Authors must submit manuscripts separately via The Annals manuscript submission system (www.editorialmanager.com/annals). All manuscripts shall become the property of the Society. Publication of all manuscripts in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery is not assured. If a manuscript is not submitted to The Annals prior to or at the time of the STS Annual Meeting, a 2-year period of ineligibility for participation in the STS Annual Meeting will be imposed upon all manuscript authors. The Editor of The Annals – at his or her sole discretion –may provide the author(s) with an extension of time in which to submit the manuscript when unusual circumstances are presented. The same 2-year sanction rules apply to each abstract returned for revision that is not resubmitted within 12 months of the request for the revision. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the STS Board of Directors or Executive Committee may waive the requirement that authors of an abstract accepted for presentation at the STS Annual Meeting submit a corresponding manuscript to The Annals of Thoracic Surgery for publication consideration in unusual circumstances. Requests for such waivers must be submitted in writing to the STS Secretary, and may be granted subject to certain terms and conditions. In all such circumstances, manuscripts derived from STS Annual Meeting presentations may not be published prior to presentation of the material at the Annual Meeting.
  • Only unpublished work that has not previously been presented is allowed. The submitting author must attest that the material has not been presented or published elsewhere, will not be presented or published after submission and prior to notification of acceptance or rejection, will not be presented elsewhere if accepted for the scientific program, and – subject to any waiver granted pursuant to the terms of this policy – will not be published elsewhere if accepted for publication in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery.  
  • If there is any conceivable question regarding similarity to earlier work or possible duplication or redundancy (whether compared to previously or prospectively presented or published material), it is the responsibility of the presenting author to consult directly with the Chair of the Workforce on Annual Meeting. If there is a potential conflict with an abstract or surgical video already presented or published, authors must notify STS by e-mail (education@sts.org) of the conflict at the time of submission. Failure to comply will result in the abstract being rejected. 

Onsite Responsibilities 

  • Each presenter is required to check in at the speaker ready room at least 2 hours prior to his or her presentation time to load and test the presentation slides and/or other material. 

Slide Presentation Requirements 

  • All presentations must be submitted in English.
  • If slides are used, the first slide (after title slide) must reflect the required disclosure information. 
  • The names of commercial products cannot be used unless the failure to do so would present a patient safety issue. 
  • Corporate logos, clinical trial logos, and logos of other meetings cannot be used. 
  • Slides, handouts, and other materials utilized as part of an educational activity cannot contain any advertising, trade name, or product group message. 
  • No patient identification information can be visible within presentation materials (e.g., names in echo scans, CT scans, or photos of patients).

Additional Presenter/Moderator Responsibilities 

  • Presenters/Moderators are responsible for ensuring that the content being presented at the educational activity is consistent with and does not violate another organization’s publication guidelines and conditions. 
  • Presenters/Moderators are responsible for ensuring accurate spelling, punctuation, and grammar prior to submission. 

Required Disclosure Information 

  • Conflict of Interest and FDA disclosures are required before any presenter/moderator will be allowed to present. 
  • Each presenter/moderator must submit to STS his/her individual disclosure. 

Approved: July 10, 2019 (STS Executive Committee)