Board of Directors

Thomas E. MacGillivray


Thomas E. MacGillivray, MD
Washington, DC

Jennifer C. Romano

First Vice President 

Jennifer C. Romano, MD, MS
Ann Arbor, MI

Joseph F. Sabik

Second Vice President

Joseph F. Sabik III, MD
Cleveland, OH

Wilson Y. Szeto


Wilson Y. Szeto, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Vinod H. Thourani


Vinod H. Thourani, MD
Atlanta, GA

John H. Calhoon

Immediate Past President

John H. Calhoon, MD
San Antonio, TX


John T. Kennedy

Resident Director

John T. Kennedy III, MD
Cincinnati, OH

Alessandro Brunelli

International Director

Alessandro Brunelli, MD
Leeds, United Kingdom

Patrick O. Myers

International Director

Patrick O. Myers, MD
Lausanne, Switzerland

Alan D. Sihoe

International Director

Alan D. Sihoe, MBBChir, MA(Cantab), FRCSEd(CTh)
Tai Wai, Hong Kong

Marc Ruel

Canadian Director

Marc Ruel, MD, MPH
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Kevin D. Accola


Kevin D. Accola, MD
Orlando, FL

Leah M. Backhus


Leah M. Backhus, MD, MPH
Stanford, CA

Anthony L. Estrera


Anthony L. Estrera, MD
Houston, TX

Gregory P. Fontana


Gregory P. Fontana, MD
Thousand Oaks, CA

Stephanie Fuller


Stephanie M. Fuller, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Thomas G. Gleason


Thomas G. Gleason, MD
Asheville, NC

John D. Mitchell


John D. Mitchell, MD
Aurora, CO

Ara A. Vaporciyan


Ara A. Vaporciyan, MD
Houston, TX

Keith S. Naunheim


Keith S. Naunheim, MD
St. Louis, MO

PAC Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is responsible for establishing basic policies for the operation of STS-PAC, including protecting the property and affairs, and carrying out the purposes, of the PAC. In particular, the Board of Advisors determines the procedures for the solicitation and collection of contributions and subsequent distribution of funds to candidates in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and regulations promulgated by the Federal Election Commission.

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Editorial Board

The board responsible for The Annals of Thoracic Surgery and Annals of Thoracic Surgery Short Reports are committed to bringing you science that’s both rigorous and relevant. They curate research that makes a direct impact on clinical practice, identifying and fulfilling needs and knowledge gaps to help you deliver the finest care to your patients. 

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Past Presidents

1964-1966: Paul C. Samson*
1966-1967: Thomas H. Burford*
1967-1968: Donald L. Paulson*
1968-1969: Lyman A. Brewer III*
1969-1970: Donald B. Effler*
1970-1971: Will C. Sealy*
1971-1972: Robert G. Ellison*
1972-1973: Benson B. Roe*
1973-1974: Earle B. Kay*
1974-1975: Herbert E. Sloan*
1975-1976: Ralph D. Alley*
1976-1977: Thomas B. Ferguson*
1977-1978: F. Henry Ellis Jr.*
1978-1979: Harold V. Liddle*
1979-1980: Paul C. Adkins*
1980-1981: Jay L. Ankeney*
1981-1982: Anthony R.C. Dobell*
1982-1983: Hassan Najafi*
1983-1984: Harold C. Urschel Jr.*
1984-1985: George J. Magovern Sr.*
1985-1986: Albert Starr
1986-1987: Charles R. Hatcher Jr.*
1987-1988: Hermes C. Grillo*
1988-1989: George G. Lindesmith*
1989-1991: W. Gerald Rainer*
1991-1992: Robert W. Jamplis*
1992-1993: Vincent L. Gott*
1993-1994: Denton A. Cooley*
1994-1995: Benson R. Wilcox*
1995-1996: John R. Benfield

1996-1997: Robert L. Replogle*
1997-1998: George C. Kaiser*
1998-1999: Richard P. Anderson*
1999-2000: Nicholas T. Kouchoukos
2000-2001: Jack M. Matloff*
2001-2002: Mark B. Orringer
2002-2003: William A. Baumgartner
2003-2004: Robert A. Guyton
2004-2005: Peter C. Pairolero
2005-2006: Sidney Levitsky
2006-2007: Frederick L. Grover
2007-2008: John E. Mayer Jr.
2008-2009: W. Randolph Chitwood Jr.
2009-2010: Gordon F. Murray*
2010-2011: Douglas J. Mathisen
2011-2012: Michael J. Mack
2012-2013: Jeffrey B. Rich
2013: Carolyn E. Reed* - Elected posthumously
2013-2014: Douglas E. Wood
2014-2015: David. A. Fullerton
2015-2016: Mark S. Allen
2016-2017: Joseph E. Bavaria
2017-2018: Richard L. Prager
2018-2019: Keith S. Naunheim
2019-2020: Robert S.D. Higgins
2020-2021: Joseph A. Dearani
2021-2022: Sean C. Grondin*
2022-2023: John H. Calhoon