ACSD Longitudinal Outcomes Dashboard

STS has developed a first-of-its-kind, interactive, data-driven tool for Adult Cardiac Surgery Database (ACSD) participants. The new ACSD Longitudinal Outcomes Dashboard is flexible and allows you to display, manipulate, and synthesize data in ways that have never been available before.  

View a tutorial: 

The real-time, powerful tool allows you to quickly and easily: 

  • Interact with your own data and benchmark your site’s performance against itself over time, risk-adjust based on STS risk models, and contrast with corresponding national averages; these results are available for nine major outcome measures with STS risk models
  • Conduct deeper assessments by using a number of intuitive filters that can hone in on outcomes by specific surgical procedure, gender, age, and other variables 
  • View outcomes data aggregated by different timeframes, such as monthly, quarterly, or calendar year, in a matter of seconds   
  • Analyze trends to understand your progression over time to help guide corrective action
  • Display observed, expected, and risk-adjusted rates for all operative major morbidity and mortality outcomes
  • Create, customize, and export charts and reports in a variety of formats and file types to use for presentations
  • The cumulative longitudinal dataset is updated quarterly after each data harvest.

The new ACSD Longitudinal Outcomes Dashboard is unlike any other tool in the specialty and available to all ACSD participants. The Dashboard can be accessed through “Operational Reports” within the navigation menu when logged into the STS IQVIA platform.

Feedback on this new tool is welcome at If you have questions about the tool itself, contact the STS Research Center at