Access & Publications

Access to data from the STS National Database

The Society’s Access and Publications (A&P) Task Force is always seeking new clinical research proposals related to the STS National Database. STS funding is available for a number of novel, well-conceived, and hypothesis-driven proposals. Extra consideration will be given to projects that involve multiple investigators/institutions and can be completed within 9-12 months.

In order to increase your chances for funding approval, keep in mind:

  • The submitted Research Plan should be well thought-out and must include sufficient details that clearly outline all required analysis steps. Shell tables and figures are encouraged.

  • Data elements required for your research analysis must be included in the STS National Database. Several proposals have been rejected because they required data that were not part of the Database.


  • View a list of A&P active projects.
  • View a list of recent publications utilizing data from the STS National Database.

For more information, contact Kristin Mathis, Research Center Coordinator.

Minor Data Requests

Minor data requests are intended for internal quality improvement and research purposes and not for presentation or publication. Data generated for a minor data request does not include multivariable modeling or complex statistical analysis and cannot be combined with or compared against externally sourced data. Data generated for a minor data request may be used as background information for a major data request.

In general, minor data requests require a maximum of four hours of statistical analytic hours and are reviewed by the chair of the subcommittee to which the request pertains. Each subcommittee chair and the A&P Task Force Chair may consider requests that require additional hours on a case-by-case basis.

Download the request form (Word Document), complete, and upload Here.

Minor Data Request Review Process
  • STS receives a data request form and sends an email response to the requestor to confirm receipt.
  • STS sends the form via email to the appropriate subcommittee chair to request review.
  • The subcommittee chair reviews the form and either grants or denies approval. If the minor data request is not approved, STS notifies the requestor accordingly. If approved, the request continues through the review process.
  • DCRI generates an estimate of hours required to complete the requested analysis.
    • If four hours or less are required, STS notifies the requestor regarding the approval of his/her proposal and DCRI begins work.
    • If more than four hours are required, DCRI notifies STS, the A&P Task Force Chair, and the appropriate subcommittee chair for consideration.
  • DCRI provides progress updates to the requestor until analyses are completed and provides data to the requestor in the appropriate electronic format. 

Major Data Requests

This form is intended for use by all investigators requiring risk-adjusted data or those funded by private agencies or industry. Major data requests are reviewed twice a year on a rolling cycle.

Download the request form (Word Document), complete, and upload Here.

Proposal S​ubmission Deadlines

Specialty Database Cycle I Cycle II
Adult Cardiac Surgery Database Feb. 1 Aug. 1
Congenital Heart Surgery Database April 1 Oct. 1
General Thoracic Surgery Database March 1 Sept. 1
Intermacs Database May 25 Nov. 1

Please refer to the A&P Processes, Procedures and Leadership document for detailed information regarding the major data request review process.

Grant Proposals

This form is intended for use by those with research questions involving data from the STS National Database that require funding from an external granting agency. Download form via Word Document and upload Here