STS Public Reporting

Public Reporting Updates for 2021

Posted April 2021

  • ACSD and CHSD data refreshes scheduled for summer 2021 have been postponed.
  • The next GTSD update using results from the 2020 Spring Harvest will take place in the third quarter of 2021.
  • The STS Public Reporting website is currently undergoing review and maintenance. Planned enhancements include formatting updates and CHSD public reporting modifications to be announced via email communication to the CHSD community in the coming months.

As a national leader in health care transparency and accountability, The Society of Thoracic Surgeons believes that the public has a right to know the quality of surgical outcomes. 

To further this goal, the Society has established the STS Public Reporting initiative, which allows participants in the STS National Database to voluntarily report their surgical outcomes to the public on the STS website. 

Public reporting is available for the following STS National Database components: Adult Cardiac Surgery Database, General Thoracic Surgery Database, and Congenital Heart Surgery Database. At this time, public reporting is not available for the Intermacs Database.