Workforce on E-Learning and Educational Innovation

Areas of responsibility will include the development and maintenance of an electronic learning system for thoracic surgery and the exploration of innovative educational methods and associated technologies.

Shari L. Meyerson, Chair — Lexington, KY
Jules Lin, Vice Chair — Ann Arbor, MI
Marvin D. Atkins — Houston, TX
Edward M. Bender — Corvallis, OR
David C. Cleveland — Birmingham, AL
Emmanuel Daon — Kansas City, KS
Andrew Dhanasopon — New Haven, CT
Jason Han — Philadelphia, PA
Jessica G.Y. Luc — Vancouver, Canada
Rita C. Milewski — Philadelphia, PA
Katie S. Nason — Springfield, MA
Olugbenga Okusanya — Pittsburgh, PA
Phillip G. Rowse — Rochester, MN
Dean Schraufnagel — Rocky River, OH
Curt Tribble — Charlottesville, VA
Ara A. Vaporciyan — Houston, TX