The Board of Advisors is responsible for establishing basic policies for the operation of STS-PAC, including protecting the property and affairs, and carrying out the purposes, of the PAC. In particular, the Board of Advisors determines the procedures for the solicitation and collection of contributions and subsequent distribution of funds to candidates in accordance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and regulations promulgated by the Federal Election Commission.

Keith S. Naunheim, Chair — St. Louis, MO
Jess L. Thompson, III, Treasurer — Prescott, AZ
Dawn S. Hui — San Antonio, TX
Karen M. Kim — Austin, Texas
Alykhan S. Nagji — Kansas City, KS
Alexander A. Brescia, Resdient Member — Ypsilanti, MI
Joseph C. Cleveland, Jr., Ex-Officio — Aurora, CO
J. Robert Headrick, Ex-Officio — Chattanooga, TN
Joseph F. Sabik, III, Ex-Officio — Cleveland, OH
Derek Brandt, Assistant Treasurer, Ex-Officio, non-voting — Washington, DC
Elaine Weiss, Ex-Officio, non-voting — Chicago, IL