STS/ACS Health Policy Scholarship

2019 Scholar:
Keith D. Mortman, MD

Please note: The 2020 Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American College of Surgeons and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons offer an annual scholarship to subsidize attendance and participation in the Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University. The award is in the amount of $8,000, to be used toward the cost of tuition, travel, housing, and subsistence during the period of the course. 

General policies covering the granting of the scholarship are:

  • The award is open to surgeons who are members in good standing of both the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). Applicants must be at least 30 years old, but under 55, on the date that the completed application is filed.
  • The award is to be used to support the recipient during the period of the scholarship. Indirect costs are not paid to the recipient or to the recipient's institution.
  • Applications for this scholarship consist of the following items, submitted as a single PDF file:
    • Cover sheet that includes the applicant's name, preferred mailing address, email, and the name of scholarship: ACS/STS Scholarship
    • One-page essay, discussing why the applicant wishes to receive the scholarship, how the scholarship will fill a gap in applicant's training or experience, and the goals or plans to use the newly acquired knowledge or skills in his or her practice or community; and
    • Applicant's current curriculum vitae (10 pages or fewer).
  • Application for this award may be submitted even if comparable application to other organizations has been made. If the recipient accepts a similar scholarship from another agency or organization, the scholarship will be withdrawn. It is the responsibility of the recipient to notify the Scholarships Section of ACS, which administers this award, of competing awards.
  • The scholarship must be used in the year for which it is designated. It cannot be postponed.
  • Scholars are required to provide 1 year’s health policy-related assistance to the ACS and the STS, attending meetings, reviewing applications, participating as a pro tem member of the health policy committee, as requested. The College anticipates that program alumni will serve as state councillors for the SurgeonsVoice program, its grassroots initiative aimed at establishing relationships with Members of Congress. Program alumni will be appointed by STS to serve on its Workforce on Health Policy, Reform, and Advocacy.
  • A brief report of the Scholar's experiences and activities is due at the conclusion of the course and of the scholarship period. A simple accounting is also required.

An awardee will be selected by a committee consisting of ACS and STS members. Questions may be directed to the ACS Scholarships Administrator at 312-202-5281.

Past STS/ACS Health Policy Scholars

2018 - Daniel J. Boffa
2017 - Rob Headrick
2016 - Daniel Engelman
2015 - Jeremy Conklin
2014 - Aaron W. Eckhauser
2013 - Paul D. Robison
2012 - Michael J. Davidson
2011 - Yvonne M. Carter
2010 - Michael K. Banbury
2009 - Jennifer L. Ellis
2008 - Dao Nguyen
2007 - Max B. Mitchell
2006 - Richard K. Freeman
2005 - Scott C. Silvestry
2004 - John R. Roberts
2003 - James S. Allan