We have created a COVID-19 resource on our website with several components for you to use:

  • Messages from the STS President are videos and transcripts of videos created by Joseph A. Dearani, MD, about how the Society is responding to the crisis.
  • Online community for members to share real-time and relevant information, best practices, policies, guidelines, and guidance. You can ask questions or share updates. You'll need to be logged into "My Profile" with your STS username and password. See the top right of this page. If you have trouble logging in, contact Membership. Please review our terms of use before using this.
  • Resource Utilization Tool for Cardiac Surgery helps you triage adult cardiac surgery cases by predicting resource use.
  • Resources page that has links to relevant information and resources from a variety of external organizations and entities involved in COVID-19 matters.

As we navigate through the upcoming weeks and months, we will continue to serve our surgical community by facilitating an opportunity for all of us to stay connected, learn from one another, and lean on each other as we tackle this historic public health crisis.

Covid-19 and STS Activities

Learn which events have been canceled and other information related to COVID-19 and STS Activities

Phishing Scams

Please note: STS and President Joseph Dearani are not sending emails requesting money due to the coronavirus. It is a phishing scam. Please do not respond to this or any other email without checking with us at