There are many ways you can become involved in the Society's advocacy efforts. Read about the different opportunities available for connecting with your lawmakers, and then contact STS Government Relations to get the ball rolling.

Facility Tours

Rep. Steve Russell with STS members Jess L. Thompson III, MD (left) and Harold M. Burkhart, MD (right) at the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma.

Site visits are a great way to provide your legislators with firsthand knowledge about the challenges you face delivering high-quality patient care. Once scrubbed in, it’s impossible to ignore your message as you show them around your facility. This is the most hands-on way to make an impression on your elected officials. Time Commitment: 1 hour or more

STS Member in Action: Jess L. Thompson III, MD on showing Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK) around his facility: “The Congressman briefly met with senior hospital leadership, but the majority of time was spent with physicians and allied health staff. For over an hour, Congressman Russell toured various patient care areas, including the intensive care unit and a step-down ward. After obtaining permission in advance, the Congressman was even able to meet several patients and their families, hearing directly from them about their health care journeys.”


Fundraising Events 

Stephen J. Lahey, MD (left) attending an event for Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CO)

Members of Congress rely on contributions, both big and small, to run their campaigns and continue working for you. If you believe your representative is doing a great job, a huge way to show your support is to participate in or host a political event. Depending on the circumstances of your district, STS staff may be able to arrange your participation. Time Commitment: 1 hour

STS Member in Action: Stephen J. Lahey, MD (left) attending an event for Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CO)


District Office Meetings

A one-on-one meeting at your legislator’s local office is an excellent way to bring important issues to the forefront. STS can help you schedule the meeting and send you relevant materials. Time Commitment: 30 minutes

STS Member in Action: Aaron W. Eckhauser, MD on his in-district meeting with Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT): “I met with Rep. Stewart [recently]. We had a very nice conversation. I shared with him all of the talking points you sent, and he actually wanted a copy of everything, so I passed that along. He wasn’t very familiar with [some of the topics], but his son is an ophthalmology resident, so he is very sensitive to physician issues. Thanks for arranging!”

Town Halls

If your schedule makes daytime meetings difficult, attending a town hall might be perfect for you. Town halls, which are often held in the evening, allow constituents to gather in a public space and speak with their Senators and Representatives. The presence of a physician is always welcomed, and your perspective is sure to be respected. STS staff can help you prepare a question and reasonable argument in advance. Time Commitment: variable

Phone Calls 

If you can’t make it out to a district office but really want to educate your member of Congress on your priorities, a phone call may fit the bill. Just like a meeting, STS staff will handle scheduling and briefing materials so that you’re prepared. Time Commitment: 20 minutes

STS Member in Action: Dean P. Schraufnagel, MD on speaking with Rep. Marcia Fudge’s (D-OH) staffer:
“The call with Sarah from Representative Fudge’s office went very well. All three of the talking points [from STS] were causes that I am quite interested in. Sarah was very attentive and curious, and she told me that she would get back to me with any questions from Representative Fudge. Thank you for helping to facilitate this call. I hope to continue to become more involved with STS as time goes on.”