eBlast Communications

STS will e-mail Society-approved communications (“eBlast Communications”) to all or part of its membership email list and/or its annual meeting registrant email list on behalf of applicants that meet certain terms and conditions as described below. 

To submit an application for an eBlast Communication:
Prepare your proposed eBlast Communication content for STS review. When the final version of your proposed eBlast Communication content is ready for STS review, email it to Samantha McCarthy. Please be sure to submit the final version of your proposed eBlast Communication, with no edits or changes remaining to be made. All aspects of the eBlast Communication are to be submitted for STS approval, including FDA status and any disclaimers, links to brochures or websites, and the like. Links should be live so that STS can review the linked content, as well. When submitting your proposed eBlast communication for approval, please identify the date on which you would like the eBlast to occur and the email list and segment(s) of STS members you wish to reach:

Available E-mail Lists and Corresponding Royalty rates*:
STS Membership Email List - $2,500
STS Annual Meeting Registrant Email List - $2,500*
STS Membership Email List & STS Annual Meeting Registrant List - $4,000*

*You must be registered as a current Exhibitor for the  STS Annual Meeting to direct an eBlast Communication to this list.
Available E-mail List Segments:
Active Members (surgeons)  3,088
International Members (surgeons) 1,149
Senior/Retired Members (surgeons) 1,507
Candidate Members (CT surgery residents)  487
Pre-Candidate Members (general surgery residents and medical students) 289
Associate Members (others with an interest in CT surgery, including non-CT surgeon physicians) 481
All Members 7,001

Your proposed eBlast Communication will be reviewed as soon as possible, but please allow up to 7 business days from confirmation of receipt for review to be completed and a decision rendered. If your proposed eBlast Communication is approved, an invoice and the STS eBlast Communications Agreement will be sent to you via email.

Payment and the signed STS eBlast Communications Agreement are required before the eBlast Communication can be sent. Faxed copies of checks are not acceptable; the check must arrive at STS Headquarters. If paying with a corporate check, please remember to put the invoice number on the check. If paying with a major credit card, please note that STS must process the card first; this may take 1-2 business days.

Once your proposed eBlast Communication is approved and payment is processed, on the designated date STS will e-mail your eBlast Communication to the members who are within the segment(s) of the e-mail list you selected and for whom STS has an actionable e-mail address on file, in accordance with and subject to the terms of your signed STS eBlast Communications Agreement.

For more information about the STS eBlast Communication process, please contact Samantha McCarthy, Industry Relations Manager, at Samantha McCarthy or 312-202-5869.