July 23, 2021
1 hr.


In this episode, Dr. Michael Maddaus interviews accomplished self-reinvention expert and communication coach Dorie Clark. Listeners learn why we “say yes to everything”—a habit that often results in constant busyness and overwhelm. Dorie explains that while saying yes is often “easy,” saying no—even to good things—is important and can be life-changing. Use a checklist to evaluate an opportunity and help you decide when to say no, she advises. Dr. Maddaus draws attention to highlights from Dorie’s new book, “The Long Game” (publishing on Sept. 21), including recommendations for breaking out of the endless cycle of being on autopilot and creating interesting, meaningful lives. What small changes can we make that could have enormous impact on our success? Dorie offers strategies on how to leverage our time in more efficient and powerful ways. Hear also what she says about “optimizing for interesting” and embracing the 20% time concept to explore “experimental” projects. “The Resilient Surgeon” is a program from the Society designed to inspire cardiothoracic surgeons to be their best selves, in and out of the OR, using scientifically proven tools and recovery strategies of the world’s top performers.

Dorie can be reached at dorieclark.com and @dorieclark, and you can download "The Long Game" strategic thinking self-assessment for free at dorieclark.com/thelonggame.

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